New Roofing Options

Hey guys, A while back we launch the app about synthetic grass on commercial roofs, and now we are offering the same for residential roofs (if your roof is flat of course). We’re stoked to be launching this new aspect of our app – because now you can install synthetic grass on your own roof! The possibilities are going to be endless!

Roofing option 1: Putting Green Roof

Yes you heard correctly. If your roof is flat, you can actually put a putting green on top of your roof. We have already done this many times for commercial buildings on top of big properties, but now, even if you have just a little bit of flat space, you can install a roof with a putting green on top of it. This is great for anyone who wants to work on their game in the privacy of their own home (or actually on top of their home to be exact! lol). You guys should check out what the company “Roofer Los Angeles” is doing down in LA. They put on at least 100 synthetic grass roofs for celebrities, pro athletes, entertainers, etc. It’s quite incredible stuff!

Other Roofing Options

There are a plethora of other roofing options for synthetic grass on your roof. You can choose sports turf, a simple doggy turf for your do to go to the bathroom on, or you can just choose the most basic turf, and not the putting green. With how fast technology is improving, I would not be surprised if one day that you will be able to 3D print your own synthetic grass, and heck even your own roof. So you wont even need roofing contractors OR synthetic grass companies.

That being said, that technology is not currently out there, so you will have to have a professional install it. But regardless, these synthetic grass roofs are absolutely stunning. If you host a party, your roof will be the talk of the town due to its beauty and functionality.
Do you have any thoughts about what type of synthetic grass you want to have installed on your roof? Feel free to let us know we’d love to hear more!

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